Email Attachment Encryption Application

We have created an easy solution to protect you from the most common type of data breach: an e-mail being sent to an incorrect recipient! Our Email Attachment Encryption application allows users to simply drag and drop any type files (records, photos, PDFs, etc) into the application window to encrypt, zipped and password protect their contents within seconds. This will create a zipped file on your desktop, ready to be attached to an e-mail correspondence, providing you with an additional security measure to prevent a data breach.

There are no accounts required, no database access, no internet connection required. No special training for end users or hidden licence fees.
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Watch this video to see how simple it is:

Secure Encryption

All files dragged onto the application will be encrypted using AES 256 level encryption and zipped up, you can choose your own access password.

Secure Email Attachments

Secured Files can be attached via email, only those with the correct password will be able to access them.

Helps Prevent Data Breaches

Using pre-approved passwords with your recipients means that if you CC the wrong group or person your data is not exposed.