About our GDPR Consultancy Package

What we can do for you

We will visit your premises in order to discuss with you and members of your staff all the information concerning the different categories of personal data processed within your organisation. Based on our findings we will undertake a “Personal Data Audit” a “Data Minimization Exercise” and a “Mapping out of Personal Data” being processed.

Following the development of these documents, Protectorate Solutions Ltd. will draft and supply the Policies and Recording Mechanisms to aid in the organisation’s compliance with the requirements of the GDPR and the Data Protection Acts.

We organise your documentation in sections for its easy access and reference. Below is an overview of what we offer in our packages for your organisation.

Protect & Control - Process your Data in a compliant manner!

In addition to the required documentation listed below, we will provide you with a number of user licences of our Software ProtectorApp. A File organisation and Encryption Program which encrypts, organises and enables encrypted file sharing within a user group or to an individual. It provides your organisation with a unique encrypted key, making it a standalone secure and encrypted environment to protect your Personal Data. This program has been designed specifically for the requirements of the GDPR and the Data protection Acts, and it provides the highest standards of encryption commercially available through a user-friendly interface which requires minimum training for its use.
We will happily demonstrate this to your admin staff.

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But that’s not all! We will also include our Email Attachment Encryption Application in all your computer devices. It allows users to simply drag and drop files into the application window to encrypt, zip and password protect their contents before attaching them into an e-mail correspondence, providing you with an additional security measure to prevent a data breach.


Training and awareness requirement - Let us look after that too!

Our training session is built on the foundations of our extensive practical experience gained advising on GDPR compliance and security related practices. We will visit your premises and bring you and your staff the most up-to-date information regarding the GDPR and will discuss how it applies to their day to day tasks, creating a friendly atmosphere where questions are welcome. We will cover the fundamental principles of the GDPR, essential definitions such as Personal Data different categories / Processing / Controllers & Processors responsibilities, Cyber Security measures and much more.

Policies and Procedures - A sample of the documentation we offer!

Below is a list of our Policies and Procedures available with this package to aid in GDPR compliance:

Section 1 – Policies
  • A. GDPR Data Protection Policy
  • B. Policy on Data Subjects Rights GDPR
  • C. Personal Data Retention Policy
  • D. Personal Data Security Policy
  • E. Disposal and Destruction Policy
  • F. Training Policy
  • G. Encryption Policy
  • HI. Electronic File Organisation and Encryption Policy
  • JK. CCTV Policy
  • L. Cloud Storage Services Policy
  • M. Clear Desk Policy
  • N. Communication Policy
  • O. Personal Data Backup Policy
  • PQ. Business Continuity Management Policy
  • R. Data Protection Breach Management Policy
  • S. Business Continuity Plan
  • T. Password Policy
  • U. Bring Your Own Devices Security Policy
Section 2 – Recording Mechanisms
  • A. Record of Correspondence with Data Subjects
  • B. Record of Data Subject's Access Request
  • C. Record of Data Subject's Complaints
  • D. Record of Data Subject's Portability Request
  • E. Record of Data Subject's Erasure Request
  • F. Record of Data Subject's Rectification Request
  • G. Record of Data Subject's Restriction Request
  • HI. Record of CCTV Recordings Access Request
  • JK. Record of Processor
  • L. Record of Personal Data Breach
  • M. Record of Court Order for Disclosure of Personal Data
  • N. Record of Regulatory or Governmental Request for Personal Data
  • O. Record of Controller's Restriction on Data Subjects Rights of Information, Restriction or Erasure
  • PQ. Record of Data Log for Automated Processing Systems
  • R. Record of Human Intervention Automated Decision-Making Processing Profiling

Section 3 – Data Subject’s Request Forms
  • A. Data Subject's Data Access Request Form
  • B. Data Subject's Data Erasure Request Form
  • C. Data Subject's Data Objection Request Form
  • D. Data Subject's Data Rectification Request Form
  • E. Data Subject's Data Restriction Request Form
Section 4 - Compliance Documentation
  • A. Diary of Compliance
  • B. Data Audit
  • C. Data Mapping
  • D. Privacy Notice
  • E. Introduction into Personal Data Impact Assessment
  • F. Data Protection Impact Assessment (DPIA) Summary
  • G. Data Protection Impact Assessment – Risks Logging
  • HI. Data Protection Impact Assessment – Risk’s Root Cause
  • JK. Data Protection Impact Assessment – Re-assess Risks
  • L. Legitimate Interest Assessment Student's Photograph
  • M. Legitimate Interest Assessment CCTV
  • N. Legitimate Interest Assessment Student's Email
  • O. Record of Responsibility of Matrix RACI Chart
  • PQ. Record of Appropriate Information supplied to Data Subjects

Section 5 – Training
  • A. GDPR & Data Protection Training Presentation
  • B. Frequently Asked Questions
  • C. Training Matrix
Section 6 – Consent Forms
  • A. Enrolment Form
  • B. Consent Form Board of Management
  • C. Consent Form Teachers
  • D. Confidentiality Agreement
  • E. Consent Form Parents Association
  • F. Consent Form Trustees
Section 7 – Contracts
  • A. Controller's Contract / Agreement with Processor's Template

We will provide you with a digital copy of your documents as standard, however a printed version could also be available for a reasonable additional fee.

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