Protect - Control - Process your Data

Protectorate Solutions provides a file protection solution, which encrypts, organises and enables encrypted file sharing within a user group or to an individual. It provides each business with an individually encrypted key, making each business a standalone secure encrypted file environment. This encryption program provides the highest standards of encryption that is commercially available, through a user-friendly interface which requires minimum training for its use.

This product is an ideal tool to aid in compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) for small to medium enterprises (SME) or as a solution to a larger company as a GDPR related security solution.


Protecting Personal Data has never been more critical

The possibilities of being subject to fines for a non compliant breach of the GDPR could be crippling to an enterprise or organisation. It is imperative to protect your employee and customer data under all eventualities. Protectorate Solutions offers a deployable multi-user solution to enable the secure storage of sensitive Files through our management solution.

Our software will assist each company or business who avails of its capabilities, by reducing risk to the company by way of litigation, damage to reputation, brand damage, loss of customers, loss of business, loss of time caused as a result of potential investigations, bad publicity, credit monitoring, audits and attention by the supervising authority the Data Protection Commissioner’s Office due to a non compliant breach.

Manage your Files in a Secure and Compliant fashion

Our solutions are designed to be used in all areas of business, giving you control and security. No hosting account is required, your data may remain with you. You gain control of your data hosting along with processing capabilities. Helping you to meet your responsibilities as a data controller and reducing the risk of a third party data processor suffering a data breach to which you may be held, in part, responsibile. Our software includes useful feature such as:

  • High Level Encryption.
  • File Categorisation and Searching.
  • File Sharing.
  • File Expiry Handling.
  • Audit Logs.
  • Secure File Exporting Options.

File Mangement Features

ProtectorApp - Intuitive Design & Increased Control

Security Solutions for Businesses and Organisations where the security and protection of personal data is of the utmost importance.

Your Business Retains Control

No hosting account required, your data remains with you. Protectorate Solutions will have no direct access to your data, you control and process it as you see fit.

Advanced Encryption Solutions

Our Software solutions encrypt your data to the highest standards commercially available. Our softwares level of encryption (AES 256) is capable of protecting classified information up to the Top Secret level. This standard is in used in militaries & governments across the world.

Easy To Use

Our software is designed to be very user friendly, easy to set up and configure. It is very friendly towards non technical users, while still maintaining the level of security required.

Clean Design

We design our solutions to have clean interfaces and layouts, we don't confuse users with a miriad of buttons, options and settings to perform simple tasks. It just works.

Well Documented

Our solutions come with friendly user guides, including pictures, to help users of all levels and backgrounds acclimate to their new system.

Information Control

Not only can each user categorise their Files to their own organisational structures but everything from the File names, keywords, notes, to the categories they are organised under are encrypted. Increasing your data security

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